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Gold-Dollar-SignDirect mail remains the largest single direct marketing expenditure, followed closely by teleservices at $41.2 billion. August 2014

Not a believer in direct Mail?
Direct mail is the preferred channel for receiving marketing from local businesses.

“Traditional offline marketing,” which includes direct mailers, was a $93.6 billion industry.October 2013

Even in today’s digital world Direct Mail can generate some of the biggest sales out there. If a proper market analysis is conducted and the proper targeting of customers happens direct mail can generate PHENOMENAL RESULTS. Mail can work even in saturated Market.

The biggest challenge for marketing companies is getting their potential clients past the per piece cost. For years dealerships simply ran saturation mailers and the lowest cost vendor usually ended up with the job. That mindset is still strong in today’s world. What dealers need to realize now days is that their is Multi-Channel approach in today’s print.

For Example the following additions to the traditional direct mail approach have made mailers a far better producer.

  1. Text Campaigns within the the design of the mailer
  2. Outbound Call Business Development team generating appointments with people that received a mailer.
  3. Guess who’s calling 800 #’s that capture callers numbers
  4. Lead capturing Personalized URLs (PURLs) These are websites specifically set up for that customer that received a mailer to log into and enter all their personal information and set an appointment themselves.

So the above are just a few things that do increase the cost per piece however increase the response exponentially. Thus in return the mailer is far less expensive.

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