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EDOS Interactive Vanity Text Lead Generation

Now there’s a way to transform your direct mail piece into an Interactive Lead Generation System. The process is simple, we provide you with a Vanity Key Word, a Unique 5 Digit Text Number that is added to each mail piece.

Within a few seconds the prospect will receive a return text with three links as seen below:


Every time prospects text for information you and your Dealer will receive an email with the phone number that the text was sent from.  Here’s your Clients opportunity to contact those prospect and schedule an appointment! More Leads

Whats included:

1) Exclusive Vanity Code

2) Text Number

3) Pre-set links

4) Mobil Credit App (if needed $25.00 onetime fee)

5) Trade Evaluation (if needed $25.00 onetime fee)

6) Unlimited Texts

There’s no set up fees, no art work to pay for, unlimited texts all for only $299.00 good for 30 days.  If you have a dealer that does mail monthly you can keep the number for $199.00 per month.

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