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dealerSpotlight automates all your Social media marketing tools

Auto Velocity specializes in platforms and tools for social media marketing by rolling them all under one roof with our dealerSpotlight program. dealerSpotlight allows you to make one post them it gets syndicated to all your social media accounts and your dealerships website instantly. This gives Google a far great chance of finding that post.

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One of the main purposes in employing Social Media in marketing is as a communications tool that makes dealerships accessible to those interested in their product and make them visible to those who have no knowledge of their products. We use social media to create buzz, learn from and target customers. It’s the only form of marketing that can finger consumers at each and every stage of the consumer decision journey. Marketing through social media has other benefits as well. Of the top 10 factors that correlate with a strong Google organic search, seven are social media dependent. This means that if brands are less or non active on social media, they tend to show up less on Google searches. While platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have a larger amount of monthly users, The visual media sharing based mobile platforms however, garner a higher interaction rate in comparison and have registered the fastest growth and have changed the ways in which consumers engage with brand content. Instagram has an interaction rate of 1.46% with an average of 130 million users monthly as opposed to Twitter which has a .03% interaction rate with an average of 210 million monthly users.

Unlike traditional media that are often cost-prohibitive to many dealerships, a social media strategy does not require astronomical budgeting To this end, dealerships make use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in order to reach audiences much wider than through the use of traditional print/TV/radio advertisements alone at a fraction of the cost, as most social networking sites can be used at no cost. This has changed the ways that companies approach interact with customers, as a substantial percentage of consumer interactions are now being carried out over online platforms with much higher visibility. We can now post reviews of products and services, rate customer service and ask questions or voice concerns directly to companies through social media platforms. Thus social media marketing is also used by businesses in order to build relationships of trust with consumers.

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