Business Development DONE RIGHT!

Over the years we have developed hundreds of in house BDC’s and have also managed thousands of outsourced accounts…. We are constantly improving and developing our processes to stay current with the market. We are not a large impersonal call center with constant turnover, our company is owner managed with a principal in house at all times. We pay our agents well in excess of industry standards to ensure the most professional service possible. We are industry specific to the automotive industry. Take a look at some of the services that we offer at Auto Velocity LLC.

Unsold and Sold Follow-Up Campaigns!
Equity and Conquest Mining Campaigns!
Manufacturer Specific CSI Sales & Service Surveys!
Direct Mail outbound & inbound appointment setting calls!


Prospect Follow Up

Generating Be-Backs with prospect follow up!

1) Studies have shown that out of all the work that goes into creating and maintaining a list of current and prospective buyers, Only 20% of those on the list actually closed the deal presented. That is just not acceptable in today’s market place!

Your competition will reap the benefits. Stop wasting potential sales and have Auto Velocity LLC fine tune your outbound follow up process and increase revenue.


2) With wasted potential, Auto Velocity LLC is a viable alternative to get your numbers and revenue constantly on the incline.  Anybody that works in sales knows that if a potential client does not bite at the offer immediately and has to ‘think about it’; most times that sale is not going to happen.

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Auto Velocity LLC. Equity Mining

Higher Gross, Quick Pencil, Quality Trades

Every car dealership holds a treasure trove of customers in an equitable position to trade. The database changes on a daily basis and on any given day can yield a monetary gain, ie CAR DEALS! Our average campaigns consist of 500 equity records. This eSwap process can take from 2 to 4 weeks to complete, we maintain the highest conversion and show ratio in the industry!


Menu of services:

Unsold Follow Up
  • Includes walk-ins
  • Internet Leads
  • Phone Calls
Equity Campaigns
  • Data base driven
  • Done with or without equity tool

Service Conquest Campaigns

  • Service Customers
  • Did not purchase / services with the dealer
  • Data in the service records

Service CSI calls

  • Call all closed RO’s
  • 4 questions survey
  • Real time reports

Service CSI calls

  • All New & Pre-owned sold customers
  • 4 question survey
  • Real time reporting

Direct Mail Support

  • Call from mail manifest
  • Pre-schedule appointments

Increase Show Ratios
  • Incentive Calls
  • Rebates & Dealer Cash
  • Precision searches
  • Quick contact

Included in all Services:

  • Up to 6 attempts per record
  • Trained Staff, English & Spanish speaking
  • ALL calls digitally recorded
  • Disposition Alerts emailed in real time
  • Full reporting weekly and monthly
  • Local ANI phone number for each campaign
  • Out & Inbound services
  • Scripting provided