Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is much more than just building a few links; it’s continually optimizing pages. Auto Velocity provides high-quality, small, medium, and large dealership search engine optimization services and consulting. Our dealerSpotlight program can provide the following all organically:

  • Genuine Backlink Building
  • Optimized titles, URLs, meta data, and content
  • In-House Conent Creation.  Hot button with Google
  • Keyword research
  • Social Network Review Scraping with Picture and backlink
  • Inventory Posting Tool with no limitations.
  •  Video uploading ability to your site to create more content.
  • Automotive SEO


Many dealer website companies claim to be SEO experts. Using our proprietary approach, AUTO VELOCITY employs a team and our proprietary digital program dealerSpotlight to put your dealership in the spotlight on all the major search engines.


AUTO VELOCITY adheres to best practices and fundamental SEO guidelines endorsed by the major search engines themselves. Our proven approach to Automotive SEO has resulted in organic search saturation, low bounce rates, average page views, time on site, and overall site traffic.


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The majority of consumers begin their car shopping process on search engines, making saturation in search results a fundamental of automotive dealer marketing.  We take a fundamental approach to automotive dealer SEO. Our goal is to reduce waste and efficiently improve our dealers’ saturation in search by following these fundamentals. What does this mean for your dealership? Well, it means: quicker traction, long term results and overall a lower cost for driving relevant traffic to your website. Auto Velocity offers a broad range of SEO and SEM products to fit a wide variety of marketing goals and budgets.  dealerSpotlight will complete all Meta Tags including Page Title, Page Name, Description, Keywords, and Footer automatically when generating a review or post.  This information is key in searches and therefore will put you on the leader boards of the search engines.

Salesperson Site

Our Micro sites function as a hybrid product which provides a niche focused organic Search Engine Optimization effort as well as an additional avenue for dealers to market their inventory with no limitation.  Each time you generate a post about a vehicle our dealerSpotlight program will actually generate a backlink and place that online as advertising in return this drives new traffic back to you site.  These people are all looking for a car as well.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


Social Media Add Ons

We offer Social Media Add Ons that work. Pay only for the features you really use and get results! Subscribe to our Social Media Add Ons right now and get results.

Link Building

Link Building is a key element in SEO, many would express it a trump card for higher rankings. Link Building is presently one of the most important factors that the search engines use for choosing the positions of websites in the organic search results. Many years ago it used to be depend on the quantity of links that your website had, that ranked your website, now it is command & relevance of your line that drives your search engine results. dealerSpotlight capitalizes on our code to get you the maximum about of exposure with our backlinks that are generated by the program.


Content Development

Curating content for your dealership that provides helpful information to your potential customers and your industry in general can help build your visibility organically. Content on your website will add more weight to your website and the search engines may consider your website to be an authority in your industry, which will boost your rankings. If the content on your websites achieves good rankings, you will also attract backlinks from visitors who find your content valuable. Do not forget about the naturally occurring backlinks that are generated with dealerSpotlight when you get a review and make a post about a vehicle in your inventory.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base for any good SEO campaign and a large amount of your success will be truly dependent on how well you did your keyword research. In the automotive industry your keywords will revolve around year, make, model of the vehicle and town where your customer is from. This is exactly what is created as the URL with our program. Your dealership has just become optimized even when you post a review.

Online Reach & Visibility

There are billions of searches per month across the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK. dealerSpotlight will give you UNLIMITED access to market your dealership ORGANICALLY. The hot button right now is Organic. No other tool in the market accomplishes this better than dealerSpotlight.

Flexibility & Control

You and your Customers control the messaging, Vehicle Year, Make, Model and target location. No limits on how often you use the tool.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We try to keep Search Engine Marketing (SEM) simple and profitable to understand. However, SEM is hard work and isn’t something that a large marketing agencies can control with their over your head marketing strategies and “proprietary software”. It takes time and sweat to optimize your campaign and get it working the way it should be. We aren’t an agency that gets paid on ad spend which creates a conflict of interest (they get paid more when you pay more – not a good relationship)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Networking!

Where does your audience live online and how do you join the conversation?
Auto Velocity will help you create an online identity. Your identity will best be relayed by your customers. dealerSpotlight will scrape over your customer’s reviews with picture and backlink inside of THEIR social network NOT yours. No other tool in the entire country does this. Your customer thanking you is so much more powerful than you thanking your customer.